Home Boarding for Toy and Small Dogs  

  The Little Dog Lodge


Terms and Conditions
Are an agreement between
You the Owner & Us The Little Dog Lodge

1) Submission of a booking form will confirm the owners acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.

2) Only dogs from the same family unit will be boarded at the same time. 

3)Your dog/s vaccination certificate/booklet must be held by us for the duration of your dogs stay. copies acceptable.
 Failure to provide this information will result in your booking agreement with us being cancelled fees apply

4) No Dogs registered under the Dangerous Dogs act 1991 or Hybrid Dogs registered under the Dangerous Wild Animal act 1976 will be eligible for boarding.

5) No females in season, and we do not accept puppies under 6 months old.
6) It is your responsibility to provide enough food & treats for the duration of your dog/s boarding with us.

7) Dogs must be in good general health, wormed, flea treated, house trained and have social skills before being boarded.

8) Exercising of your dog will be on a lead/training line, they will also be required to wear a collar and
The Little Dog Lodge ID tag for the duration of their stay, ID tag will be provided by us.

9) All dogs will be crated at night for easy evacuation in the event of an emergency.

10) You will be contacted by us immediately if an incident is to occur, additional contact numbers are required.
It is the owners responsibility to reimburse in full any veterinary fees incurred whilst your dog/s are being boarded with us.
This payment must be made on the day of collection. We would recommend that your dog/s are insured against sickness & injury.

11) Collection of your dog/s before the confirmed end of boarding date will not receive a refund.

12) In the event that you are unable to collect your dog/s in person you will need to contact us as soon as possible with the nominated collectors details. 

13) Failure to collect your dog/s without contact will unfortunately result in the local licensing authority being notified.

14) We do have a resident dog and Cat, a Meet & Greet session will be required prior to boarding, 

15) No responsibility will be taken by us for any injuries sustained between your dog/s and the resident Cat. 

16) A £50 non refundable deposit will be required to secure you booking this can be either cash or cheque, the remainder of the fee paid on arrival cash please